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map, oil map, process

Wellcome to: ORT Oil Re-Refining Technology GmbH Hamburg-Germany

Benefit of waste oil recycling

In our industrial and automotive World thousands of tons of waste oil are generated from:

  • cars
  • trucks
  • machines
  • industrial manufacturing
  • tanks

This is very important resource all of high quality raw material which can be recycled beck tool lubrications.

This process of re-refining waste oil is not only tool keep important of rwa material for our world, it is also a very profitable business because all increasing oil prices.

So finally it is interesting for all of us for saving CO2 by only burning down this material down it also can be a profitable business generating working places and it's good for the worldwide economy at all.

Used oil is processed using a combination of different procedures of thermal process engineering:


Total evaporation with PTR plasma tube reactor
Oil blending to final products

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